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Boarding & Grooming

Pet Boarding & Grooming in Quakertown

Experienced Care for Pets

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic proudly offers pet boarding and grooming at our facility. Read on to learn more about our boarding, doggie daycare, and pet grooming services!

Boarding and Grooming Registration Form
Boarding Contract

Contact us online or call (215) 515-8810 for small animal service, or (215) 515-6909 for large animal services, to make an appointment.

Our Pet Boarding Services

Planning a vacation? Family coming to visit? Don't know where the pets will go? Quakertown Veterinary Clinic has comfortable and clean boarding facilities for dogs and cats. Our kennels are indoor and are climate controlled for the comfort of your pet.

You can have peace of mind leaving your pet in our experienced hands. We will accommodate all of your pet's special needs, from diet and medication to playtime. You can also bring your pet's favorite toy to make his or her stay more comfortable.

Why choose us for pet boarding in Quakertown?

  • Separate canine and feline indoor boarding
  • Over 75 large dog runs and 22 luxury suites (3 sizes of spacious runs available)
  • Cattery with condo-style cages
  • On-site veterinary care, available 24 hours a day
  • Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Dogs walked 4 times daily in our enclosed yard
  • Complimentary bath for dogs staying two nights or longer
  • We supply all bedding and food dishes

Boarding fees include our premium maintenance diet. We recommend, however, that you consider keeping your dog on his/her normal diet. If you bring your own food, please pre-package each meal in a Zip-Lock bag or sealed container with your dog's name on the container. Any medications your pet may need during their stay should be clearly marked with dosage and instructions – please keep prescription medications in their original container from the vet.

You may bring toys, treats, etc. to make your dog feel more comfortable; however, we ask that you not bring bedding, stuffed animals, or pillows. We cannot be responsible for your blankets, etc., as our bedding materials are laundered daily.

Hours of operation:

  • Monday through Friday: 8 AM-6 PM; pick up: 8A M-12 PM; drop off: 2 PM-6P M
  • Saturday: pick up and drop off: 8 AM-2 PM
  • Sunday: pick up and drop off: 12 PM-6 PM

Note: Check out time is noon (12:00 PM). Any dog picked up after 12:00 PM will be charged for that day’s boarding.

Requirements for boarding your pet:

  • Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza vaccinations are required.
  • Cats: Rabies and Feline Distemper vaccinations are required. All Cats must be FELV/FIV negative.
  • All Pets: All vaccinations must be up-to-date and proof is required. Pets must be free of parasites—internal and external.

Space is limited; please call (215) 515-8810 as early as possible to reserve!

Doggie Day Care

Our daycare program offers the right mix of exercise and socialization in a supervised group play environment. Leave your pet to play with his doggie friends while you go to work, shop, or just take a break.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 7 AM-6 PM

Pet Grooming Services

In addition to making your pet feel better on the inside, Quakertown Veterinary Clinic can make your pet feel good on the outside too! We welcome canine and felines of all breeds and sizes for pet grooming at our Quakertown Boarding and Grooming facility - Hand scissoring is available.

Mary Szyszko, Master Groomer, has over 28 years’ experience with all breeds of dogs and cats.

Prices vary based on the breed, style, temperament, and condition of coat. Convenient early morning drop off and late afternoon pickup is available.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday starting at 7:30 AM

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Caring for Your Whole Family.

See What Makes Us Different
  • Open 24/7

    We know that an emergency can happen at any time and that is why we offer 24-hour emergency care for dogs, cats, horses, farm animals & exotic pets.

  • Caring for All Types of Animals

    At Quakertown Veterinary Clinic we are proud to serve all your animals' needs, whether you have a sick horse or a hurt cat, we are ready to care for them.

  • Advanced Technology

    Quakertown Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer state-of-the-art technology to provide your pet with the highest level of care and diagnostic services.

Passionate People for Your Pets

Meet Our Team
  • Randy  Bimes DVM Photo
    Randy Bimes DVM

    Lead Large Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 1986 My Pets: horse, 2 dogs, and 2 cats Other Interests: sailing and woodworking Areas of Interest: Equine medicine and surgery
  • Morgan  Wooten Photo
    Morgan Wooten

    Large Animal Veterinarian

    Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2023 Special Veterinary Interests: General Practice, Emergency, Equine. My Pets: I don't currently have any pets, but I hope to change that very soon! Other Interests: Spending time with friends and family, horseback riding, hiking, reading, and traveling.
  • Brad  Scheuch, DVM, DACVS Photo
    Brad Scheuch, DVM, DACVS

    Board Certified Large Animal Surgeon

    Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners certified in Equine Practice Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2009 My Pets: 1 cat "Frank" Other interests: camping, hiking, skiing, fishing & spending time with family. Areas of Interest: Equine sports medicine, particularly complex lameness diagnosis and treatment. I enjoy the challenge of helping my equine patients achieve their athletic potential.
  • Arlen  Wilbers, DVM Photo
    Arlen Wilbers, DVM

    Large Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 1987 Special Interests: small ruminants and pot-bellied pigs My Pets: 2 German Shepherds and 1 cat Areas of Interest: Emphasis on pot-bellied pigs
  • Susie  Lutz, DVM Photo
    Susie Lutz, DVM

    Large Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2004 My pets: Four horses: Hammy (QH), Stoli (Draft X), Paducah (QH) & Toby (Morgan X), one dog: Banana, a yellow lab; five cats and many chickens! Other Interests: Trail Riding
  • Jennifer  Murphy, DVM Photo
    Jennifer Murphy, DVM

    Large Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet Clinic: 2012 My Pets: One dog “Lyla”, two cats “Ted” and "Mrs. Claws", and a horse "Visa". Other Interests: Dressage, jumping, trail riding, and TaeKwon-Do. Areas of Interests: Theriogenology, food animal medicine and surgery, equine lameness and metabolic diseases
  • Melanie  Montague, DVM Photo
    Melanie Montague, DVM

    Large Animal Veterinarian

    Year started at Quakertown: 2022 My pets: 2 Dalmatians (Gidget, Guinness), 2 cats (Gizmo, Gaia), and 7 Arabian horses Other interests: endurance, baking, spending time with the dogs Areas of Interests : Equine theriogenology, emergency medicine, ophthalmology
  • Nancy  Barin, VMD Photo
    Nancy Barin, VMD

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 1990 My Pets: 2 Chihuahuas, 2 Rat Terriers, an Arabian horse and 2 cats.
  • Holly  Brooks, VMD Photo
    Holly Brooks, VMD

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at QVC: Veterinary assistant/Clinical Trials assistant 2000-2012, Veterinarian, 2015 My Pets: 2 Pit Bull Mixes, Freddy and Hunter Interests: Cooking and baking, reading, watching sports and TV, DIY projects, house remodeling.
  • Joseph  Consigli, DVM Photo
    Joseph Consigli, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 1999 My Pets: Three cats: "Tori", "Smokey" and "Patches" Other Interests: Spending time with my children, Ben, Sean, Mia, and my wife, Monica; Gardening. Areas of Interest: Rhinoscopy, Surgery, Internal Medicine
  • Tiffany  Lehr, VMD Photo
    Tiffany Lehr, VMD

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2006 My Pets: Two dogs: "Robbie" & "Pippa", & three birds: "Eugene", "Fiyero", & "Zelda" Other Interests: reading, walking with my dogs, cooking, watching TV and movies, and gardening Areas of Interest: Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine
  • Tim  Mosebey, VMD Photo
    Tim Mosebey, VMD

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at QVC: 2016 My Pets: 2 dogs, Sweetie & Henry, and cats, Princess, 50cent & Harrison Interests: Triathlon,Paddleboarding, Yoga, Skiing & Snowboarding Areas of Interest: Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Soft Tissue Surgery, Canine/Feline Behavior
  • Christina  Hoffman, DVM Photo
    Christina Hoffman, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2013
  • Dawn  Irwin, DVM Photo
    Dawn Irwin, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2008 My Pets: Beagle "Mekhai", Tuxedo cat brothers, "Sam" and "Pouncer" Other Interests: Spending time at Big Cormorant Lake, Becker Co., Mn. Areas of Interest: Internal Medicine & Senior Care, including oncology and veterinary hospice.
  • Samuel  Geller, VMD Photo
    Samuel Geller, VMD

    Lead Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 1985 My Pets: 3 horses, 3 dogs and 5 cats "I consider all cases a partnership between the doctor & the pet owner to prevent & treat disease in their beloved pets. I love all the challenges of problem solving in veterinary medicine." Areas of Interest: Dermatology & Allergies, Cardiology & Clinical Drug Trials
  • J G
    Jerome Glickstein, VMD

    Practice Limited to Diseases of the Eye

    Completed two-year residency in ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvania; Post-Doctoral Fellowship in ophthalmology pathology at the Scheie Eye Institute, Philadelphia, PA Special Interests: All aspects of ophthalmic medicine and surgery. Professional Certifications & Associations: American Veterinary Medical Association
  • C H
    Cecilia Helenski, DVM

    Practice Limited to Cardiology

    Education: Attended the University of Rhode Island in the pre-veterinary program in the Department of Agriculture and Animal Science. She graduated with her B.S. in Animal Science and continued her education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville obtaining a Master of Science degree in veterinary physiology. It was during her work at UT that she developed her interest in cardiology, completing a research study looking at the prevention of aortic thromboembolism in cats. After completing her ...
  • Rosemary  Newton, DVM Photo
    Rosemary Newton, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2000 My Pets: two dogs, four cats, two ponies and goldfish Areas of Interest: Ultrasound, endoscopy, pathology, infectious disease
  • Olivia  Newman, MS, DVM Photo
    Olivia Newman, MS, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Education: Masters degree in Veterinary Biomedical Science and Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2020 Special Veterinary Interests: Canine and Feline Nutrition, Preventative Medicine, Surgery, My Pets: I have one cat named Obi and a guinea pig named Queenie Other Interests: Horseback riding, video games, dog training, and recreational flying
  • Sandra  Orben, VMD Photo
    Sandra Orben, VMD

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 1998 My Pets: 4 dogs: "Cassie", "Vinnie", "Star" & "May", 3 cats: "Peter", "Putter" & "Merlot" Other Interests: I like riding motorcycles for fun and gardening in my spare time.
  • Veronica  Pickens, DVM Photo
    Veronica Pickens, DVM

    Large Animal Veterinarian, Small Animal Veterinarian

  • Tara  Zentner, DVM Photo
    Tara Zentner, DVM

    Large Animal Veterinarian, Small Animal Veterinarian

    Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2021 Special Veterinary Interests: Building relationships with clients. Food animal medicine and surgery. Small animal emergency medicine and surgery. Equine dentistry and colic care. Backyard poultry medicine. My Pets: 2 dogs Faith May and Emmy Lou. 3 cats Butter, Little One, Ella Bella. 25+ Chickens and 3 Ponies. Other Interests: Spending time with my husband and family. Serving on mission trips with Christian Veterinary Missions. Sharing Christ’s love ...
  • Andrea  Saksek, BVM&S, MRCVS Photo
    Andrea Saksek, BVM&S, MRCVS

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at QVC: 2014 My Pets: 3 Scottish Terriers "Callum, Islay and Wallace", 2 cats "Beinn & Munro" Interests: Travelling, cooking, spending time with friends & family. Areas of Interest: Dentistry, Emergency Medicine & Exotics.
  • Phil  Svor, DVM Photo
    Phil Svor, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2009 My Pets: 2 Dogs:"Rizzo" and "Layla, 3 DMH's -"Sadie", "Rosie" & "Merlot"
  • Arielle  Schoenlein, DVM Photo
    Arielle Schoenlein, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2018 My Pets:3 Cats: "Kizi", "Lago", and "Ajani", and a Red Merle Australian Shepherd, "Roo". Other Interests: cooking, baking, hiking, yoga, and board games. Areas of Interest: Emergency Medicine, Dentistry, and Behavioral Medicine
  • Jennifer  Torres, DVM Photo
    Jennifer Torres, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2013 My Pets: 4 dogs: "Bullet", "Maisey", "Charlie", & "Sticks"; and rabbit "Ruby". Other Interests: Spending time with family, cooking, watching tv/movies, scuba diving. Areas of Interest: Dermatology and Surgery
  • F V
    Frank Von Esse, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic: 2019 My Pets: A plethora! Other interests: Skiing, auto racing and traveling with family. Areas of Interest: Emergent care, Emergency surgery and procedures.
  • Leann  Wright, DVM Photo
    Leann Wright, DVM

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet: 2009 My Pets: Cats "Ellie" & "Tandi", a Bearded Dragon and a Bunny Other Interests: Reading, watching tv/movies, and crocheting. Areas of Interest: Feline medicine, infectious diseases, emergency med.
  • Cortney  Zeledon (Bower), VMD Photo
    Cortney Zeledon (Bower), VMD

    Small Animal Veterinarian

    Years at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2013 My Pets: dog, cat, rabbit, and chickens Other Interests: skiing, SCUBA diving, running, soccer, knitting
  • Jacqueline  Wilhelmy, MS, VMD Photo
    Jacqueline Wilhelmy, MS, VMD

    Practice Limited to Behavior

    Education: Dr. Wilhelmy completed her undergraduate work in biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, and went on to finish a Master’s degree in Chemistry. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and remained to pursue an internship and then a residency in veterinary behavioral medicine. She has treated feline and canine patients presented for separation anxiety, compulsive behavior, inappropriate elimination, affective aggression, environmental ...
  • Guy  DeNardo, DVM Photo
    Guy DeNardo, DVM

    Practice Limited to Orthopedics

  • Lindsey  Davison, DVM Photo
    Lindsey Davison, DVM

    Emergency and Special Species Veterinarian

    Education: Ross University Clinical rotations: University of Wisconsin school of Veterinary medicine Positon: Emergency and special species veterinarian Special interests: Critical care, Exotic and Zoopanion medicine, shelter medicine
  • Susan  Speak, DVM Photo
    Susan Speak, DVM


    Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2021 Special Veterinary Interests: Dermatology, General Surgery, Exotic medicine and surgery, and Acupuncture. My Pets: 2 Cats- Merm and Mowzy. 2 Guinea pigs- Sweet D and Mrs. Wiggleworth. 1 Velveteen Lop Rabbit- Baloo. Other Interests: Gardening, Skiing, Concerts, and hanging with my son Harlan and husband Ryan.
  • Gina  DiPasquale, DVM Photo
    Gina DiPasquale, DVM


    Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2009 as a veterinary nurse, 2021 as a veterinarian Special Veterinary Interests: surgery, physical rehabilitation, senior care, and emergency medicine My Pets: 3 dogs, Charlie, Jack and Sophie. 1 cat, Lucifer Other Interests: I enjoy being outdoors, especially near or on the water. Spending time with family, any Philadelphia sports, and cooking
  • Jonathan  Goodwin, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology) Photo
    Jonathan Goodwin, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)


    Dr. Jonathan Goodwin, a native of Michigan, and completed his cardiology residency at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. He became a Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology) in 2009. Jonathan is a 1999 graduate of Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. We are honored to be able to offer the services of Dr. Goodwin at our practice (limited hours) to our clients.
  • K S
    Kaitlin Stanmyer, DVM


    Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2021 Special Veterinary Interests: Emergency and internal medicine My Pets: Walter the Pug and Schnitzel the Cat Other Interests: Horseback riding, cooking and baking, reading a good book
  • Ashley  Cherry, VMD Photo
    Ashley Cherry, VMD


    Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2021 My Pets: Eva, a 12 year old chocolate lab, and a bearded dragon named Spinester Other Interests: Anything outdoors with my husband and two young kids. Travel anywhere.
  • Katya  Luckenbach, DVM Photo
    Katya Luckenbach, DVM


    Year started at Quakertown Vet. Clinic: 2022 Special Veterinary Interests: Surgery, preventative medicine, palliative care, public health My Pets: Cricket, a 5 year old female spayed hound mix Other Interests: Traveling and spending time with friends and family
  • Makayla  Musgrove, DVM Photo
    Makayla Musgrove, DVM


    Coming Soon!
  • Tamara  Mengine, DVM Photo
    Tamara Mengine, DVM


    Dr. Mengine is pleased to be offering both cardiology consults and abdominal ultrasounds at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic. In addition to providing mobile sonography services throughout southeastern PA, Dr. Mengine serves as a specialist for the telemedicine service Sonopath, reading abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds for veterinarians throughout North America. Dr. Mengine has had a special interest in cardiology since her days as a vet student, and to support that interest, she has pursued ...
  • H F
    Heidi Free, DVM


    Dr. Heidi Free is originally from New Jersey and received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with minors in Wildlife and Fisheries, Biological Science, Business Administration, and Environmental Economics from the University of Tennessee. She then went on to obtain her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University. Most recently, she completed a Small Animal Rotating Internship at the University of Illinois and became a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator in the same year. ...


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