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  • Thank you, Dr. Forsyth
    I brought my cat to Quakertown Veterinary Clinic due to breathing distress. Dr. Forsyth cared for him during his two day stay and kept me informed of his condition during that time. When test results came in she always called and explained them in detail. Thank you, Dr. Forsyth for your excellent care, compassion, and kindness.

    - Elaine S.

    Ottsville, PA
  • Great, Caring Service
    Had a good experience with this office tonight. Even tho they are not my regular vet, they got me in quickly and were very thorough in explaining what was wrong with one of my babies. I would definitely recommend them.

    - Shannan DiSanto

    Hatfield, PA
  • Dr. Olivia Newman
    I feel the strong need to let this clinic and hopefully potential clients of this clinic to know the outstanding care our beloved Hannah received. And, Dr. Newman needs to know how impactful she was to us. After our grandmother (Hannah's owner) died a week ago due to cancer it was her wishes that she live with us. We've known and loved on her for years and we prepared accordingly for her transition to her new home. Unfortunately Hannah had some pre-existing condition that got lost in the shuffle of our Grandmother being sick for many years. We tried everything to make her comfortable until we realized she needed to be treated. Dr. Newman conveyed to us Hannah was ill to the point of no return. Her knowledge and extreme compassion for Hannah and comfort for us....words cant do it justice. She's a phenomenal doctor and human being. And, to top it off, she sent a card to us with a lengthy handwritten note that brought us to tears (even though we thought we were all cried out). While we will always grieve this loss, her words and our experience with Dr. Newman will always help us live on. We will be switching vets for our other beloved cat Selena and we would like her to be in her care going forward if it is allowed. That's how much Dr Newman means to us.

    - Jim Jamison and Allison Bobst

  • Diabetic cat
    What a fantastic place. Dr Geller is the greatest vet and human being ever. Our diabetic cat was close to death. Now he is in remission. Thanks to Dr Geller and his staff at quakertown vet. There is no other place like it. They truly care about your animal and you. He takes the time to explain everything. I will never go anyplace else.. everyone there is the best David senick.

    - David and Isabel senick

  • I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs
    Absolutely wonderful Vet I bring my 2 pigs here . And bunny would recommend This wonderful place to anyone!!

    - Carol Saxton

    Quakertown, PA
  • My new hero!
    My boy had been to four vets at my practice and two different dermatologists at different practices over the course of almost 8 months. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with his paws and why they were so infected, bloody, oozing, and causing him such pain. He was loaded up on medications, steroids, antibiotics, an E -collar, and medicated shampoos and was still not getting better. The dermatologists all wanted to do skin testing and didn't even want to try to figure out what else it could possibly be. I decided to take the hour drive each way to see Dr. Geller after I read his bio on the hospital website. He is my new hero! He is compassionate, kind, trustworthy, and every promise he made me at my first appointment...he kept! He really care about animals and has a gentle disposition that won over my always anxious guy. I was put at ease myself, as choosing a new vet is a big decision, and within moments of our first phone conversation, I was confident that my dog was in good hands. Dr. Geller is extremely thorough in his exam, but gave me a variety of treatment options, explaining the range of price and also practicality in words I could understand, not the big VET vocabulary I had been receiving for 8 months. I can not say enough amazing things about him. I drove an hour each way to see him almost 6 weeks in a row. I didn't have to because he was listening to me and had me checking in by phone constantly. I chose to. I wanted him to see my dog each week and see if he was progressing as he had hoped or if a different course of treatment was necessary. Once Dr. Geller was able to clear up all the infections, he called me while examining him to tell me he knew what was wrong! Those words almost made me cry as I had been dealing with this for so long and spent a lot of money and had no answers. Dr. Geller was genuinely happy he figured it out as well. My dog is almost back to himself and I will continue to have Dr. Geller monitor him for as long as needed. Every Veterinarian should take a lesson from Dr. Geller in compassion and dealing with dog parents. He is truly a phenomenal person as well as Veterinarian. THANKS DR. GELLER!!!

    - alissa Sauls

    Huntingdon Valley, PA
  • AMAZING STAFF! They are angels here on Earth!
    I can not say enough amazing things about every person who was part of caring for (and SAVING) my boy, Hoonigan, back in July. He is the heart of our family. When he had to be rushed to them and wound up staying in their ICU for 6 days we were beyond devastated and worried. I can not tell you how much comfort the staff gave to me every time I called to check on him. I know I probably drove them insane. I tried not to but I couldn't help it. Hoonigan is everything to us. They never made me feel like a nagging dog mom. Not once. They understood why I called every morning and every night to get an update. It was really hard on us because we could not even go inside with him due to covid19 protocol. They even sent me a daily picture to show me how he was progressing. That daily picture made my days so much easier to manage while he was in there. I owe everything to the staff at this office. They truly care about their patient's and the worried parents on the other end of the phone. I wanted to hug all of them when we were finally there to pick our boy up and take him home but I couldn't because of covid. Otherwise, I would have gone and thanked each and every single one of them for saving our boy <3

    - Jennifer Reifsnyder

  • Excellent care, wonderful staff!!

    I came from out of state to pick up my horse and bring him back up north with me. He needed a stat coggins (I thought it was done in the spring), and Dr. Pickens took care of it without an issue. I felt extremely comfortable with my horse in their care. Everybody was extremely helpful, friendly, and prompt. Coming from out of state can be scary not knowing the type of veterinary care available, but I could not have been more pleased with Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, their care is top notch and if I lived in the area, I would ABSOLUTELY have my animals seen by them!!

    - McKenzie M.

  • Dr, Denardo is what every Vet should be!!!!

    We wish we could clone Dr. Denardo as the prototype for all Veterinaries. Money is never his prime objective. We feel like we are visiting a friend of the family more so then a vet. Now his lovely daughter is following in his footsteps. Mallory is awesome as well. The whole team at Quakertown is worth the hour ride.!!!

    - Cindy O.

  • Worth the drive!!
    I have always had excellent care at Quakertown Veternarian! My dog Lucy is still being treated there for laryngeal paralysis and Dr Guy DeNardo , Dr. Baron, Patty Silvestrie and the whole staff has always taken excellent care of Lucy for me. Dr DeNardo has done a few surgeries on Lucy and him and his Daughter (who is also studying to be a veterinarian) are very knowledgeable, kind and caring toward us during this stressful time! I always receive multiple phone calls updating me on her condition and have always been able to go visit Lucy when ever I want to spend time with her!!
    The cost of these surgeries can be very expensive and I feel that at Quakertown their cost are very reasonable and fair! They also have worked with me to make it more affordable for me to get Lucy the medical care she needs.
    I drive over an hour to get to Quakertown Vet, but feel it is worth the drive!
    Plus I bring my pet pig to the large animal clinic and have also felt like we were being well taken care of!

    - Michelle W.

  • Outstanding Compassion and Care!!
    Had to take my dog in at midnight on a Thursday evening because of erratic behavior and neurotic symptoms. Dr Cilli quickly evaluated my dog and recommended treatment and close observation for the next few days. She was straightforward but still compassionate, and the prognosis was not good. By Sunday my dog's condition had deteriorated and we took him back on Sunday Morning. Dr. Lehr picked up right where Dr. Cilli had left off. She was so kind and caring, and unfortunately we had to make the decision to let our pup go.. Very tough day for us, the dog was 13 years old and quality of life was not going to improve. Dr. Lehr and the entire staff were awesome and were so helpful throughout the entire process. I can't say enough about how much this facility cares about their customers and their pets. The people who work at the desk are equally compassionate. Thank you Quakertown Vet Hospital for making this situation as bearable as it could possibly be...you're all awesome!! (And thank you for the nice sympathy card also...signed by nearly 30 associates....awesome)!!

    - Dave T.

  • Dr Clark is the BEST!!

    I bring my rabbit to see Dr Clark. I absolutely love her! Shes an amazing vet. Shes clear and direct and that's a quality that is sometimes hard to find. I always appreciate her honesty and judgement. I have the utmost respect for her. Not only is she a great vet, she takes the time to explain whatever treatment or the ailment itself. I have learned a lot from each visit. Thank you doctor Clark!

    - Katherine Z.

  • Shane - sudden illness.

    Dr. Hoffman and the whole staff were great. Daily texts and multiple phone calls updating us on his condition with pictures. The staff did all they could for our dog, Shane but his illness was too advanced and very sudden. We would like to thank the entire staff for taking such good care of our beloved family pet in his final days.

    - Jason S.

  • Best experience I have had at a vet!!!

    Our almost 5 year old English Mastiff had a very large fibrous tumor on her throat. We had gone to three other vet consults before being reccomended to Quakertown. We had a consult with Dr Mostebey who did not hesitate to say he could do the surgery. Thank you!!! If it was not for you and your amazing staff we would have been putting our furbaby to sleep. Couldn't have asked for more than the service the doctors and staff at Quakertown Vetreniary Hospital and they are now our primary Vet. Thank you ALL again for all you do from the Sullivan family and Minnie!!!

    - Donnie & Angie S.

  • Excellent care of both animals and human feelings.

    We've been going to QVC for over 18 years and have always received excellent care of our dogs as well as wonderful support of our emotions and feelings during difficult times. Obvious to us that they are a great group of people with hearts to help the animals. (& people, too)

    - Bernie D.

  • Absolutely amazing!!!!!
    I just want to say This is the best experience I have ever had with any veterinarian office/hospital. Our dog was scheduled to have surgery with her regular vet for a tumor on her leg. A couple nights ago our dogs tumor started to heavily bleed so we took her to this office and they welcomed us with open arms and told us anything they needed to do they would do right then and there . We decided to keep her there over night for a few nights , we called Every morning and night to get the status of how our dog was doing . They also called us about 2 or more times a day to update us with our dog . They ended up giving her a blood transfusion and than surgery . We picked her up the day after . When we walked in everyone was so sweet. One of the employees actually took one of the dogs behind the counter to the other employees and they were loving and kissing the dog as if it were there own. A couple minutes later our dog came out looking good as new ! They took such amazing care of her and she looked so happy ! You can tell if your dog was mistreated and that was not the case at all . Everyone said bye to her when she left . This place is just amazing and I am so thankful to have my dog healthy as can be ! Whoever owns this company should be so proud of the amazing work they do/done! The prices are also very good too ! They also accept payment plans which makes your pet affordable expectially in emergency situations like this where things can add up and get a bit pricey . They will work with you . I can't think of another place I would ever send my dog but here . Thank you so much you guys are seriously

    - Rachael M.

  • What can I say the entire place is full of heros in my eyes!

    Quakertown Animal Hospital gave me 2 extra years of joy with my service dog. He came to the hospital twice in an all out emergency life or death situation and both times was saved and made a full return to a normal life. They were able to properly figure out what was wrong with my dogs spine but it was too late because we were going off a miss diagnosis from a major Vet medical university and lost to much time to fix it. All doctors and staff are top notch and I have come to consider them family. We currently have another dog there and they are taking amazing care of him. Dr. Geller's clinical trials are amazing and prove that learning and keeping up to date on current meds and treatments is a priority. Also a special thanks to Adele who made the stress of having an animal hospitalized a little easier for us. Thanks again and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

    - C Y.