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Client Testimonials


Hello, my name is Gracie!...I weighed 43.0 lbs and was heading down a dark path full of potential health problems and a shorter life span due to being so overweight; I was sluggish and laid about most days. I would eat anything in sight though; anything that dropped on the floor was mine, whether it was meant to be mine or not. But thanks to the help of Maddie Groninger at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, I was placed on a diet and now have a new lease on life. This is what I look like now. I run and play more than ever now that I am down to a perfect weight at 31 lbs.

                                                                                                                                 ~ Gracie, Quakertown, PA



We started to bring our 15 year old cat, Velvet, to Quakertown Veterinary Clinic last year for the free Weight Loss Program. We switched his food to Hill's Metabolic Diet as instructed by Vicki - our weight loss coach. Velvet was 27 lbs at the start of the program in November 2013 and as of November 2014 he is now 19 lbs. This program has saved our cat! He is playing and being more active. We recommend this program completely!!!

                                      ~ Lisa & Erick, Coopersburg, PA



I enrolled Sophie into the weight coach program at QVC and was matched up with weight coach Maddie. The weight loss program was free, and Maddie did some calculations to figure out how many calories Sophie could eat in a day to lose weight. Once we started feeding Sophie the right amount of food, she started to lose weight and became more active. Over a period of a little over a year, Sophie lost 25 lbs (going from 103 lbs to 78 lbs) and has been able to maintain a healthy weight since graduating the program. She is much happier since she lost the weight, and has been able to participate in more activities that she loves.

Without the help of Maddie and QVC Sophie would not have been able to lose the weight. Maddie's help and guidance was an invaluable asset in guiding me to put Sophie on the right path to becoming a happier and much healthier dog.

                                    ~Sophie and Lisa



Zorro participated in the weight coach program at QVC. Our weight coach Maddie worked with Zorro and I to determine the right amount of dog food to give him in order to be a healthy weight. He did not have to switch to a different dog food; he stayed on the food he loved. Through the course of a year, Zorro went from 129 lbs down to 96.6 lbs!! He is much happier now, and became fast friends with Maddie when he saw her once a month for weight checks. The weight program did not cost me anything, and Zorro is more active and even has a doggie girlfriend, whom he just marriedJ. The program, along with the wonderful help of Maddie saved Zorro’s life and now he has a lifetime ahead of him. He has a new lease on life thanks to Maddie, QVC, and all of their support.

                                         ~ Zorro and Nancy 



Other Success Stories

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Maggie & Micha

Maggie        Micha


Obie, the tubby dachshund, lost 54 pounds!

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dog weight loss

Bear's Weight Loss Story 

Watch video below on Bear's weight loss journey, a shining example of the benefits of your pet's weight loss not only to his life but to those who love him.   




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If your pet only has minimal weight to lose, this website has useful information:


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