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Reproduction Services


Canine Reproduction /
Frozen Semen

The Quakertown Veterinary Clinic K-9 reproduction unit offers semen freezing and storage. Freezing semen, along with our other programs of complete reproductive evaluation, reproductive timing and artificial insemination of fresh and chilled semen combine to form a complete reproductive program that ensures reproductive success. 


We provide surgical insemination. 
We ship fresh chilled semen anywhere in the US.

Advantages of Using Frozen Semen: 

  • The assurance that the genetic pool is preserved in the event that the dog becomes incapacitated or dies.
  • Increases the marketing potential internationally. There are few places that semen cannot be shipped in 3 days. Present shipping container technology will keep semen frozen for at least 21 days without fear of premature thaw.
  • Less time and expense spent on travel by the female.
  • Affords the stud time on the show circuit while still be used for reproduction.
  • Quality of semen is evaluated before insemination. 
  • In most instances it allows more than 1 breeding per ejaculation. This allows studs to be proven quicker and makes more semen available.
  • Allows positive control of infectious disease.

Frozen semen allows indefinite storage of genetic material. To use it properly, one must prepare long in advance prior to the date of breeding to ensure the female is properly evaluated and a trained reproductive veterinarian is available to time and inseminate the female.         

For more information, please contact Dr. Sandy Orben at the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, 215-536-6245.







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