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Your family has decided that it is going on a vacation, but the pets are not able to go. Though it’s never easy to leave pets behind, with some research and early preparation you and your pet should feel confident that he too will have a pleasant experience away from home. 

Start looking for a boarding facility as soon as you know when you will be away. It is even better to look for a boarding facility even if you do not have a vacation planned, as you never know when an emergency could happen and you will need to board your pet. Ask your family, friends and neighbors where they’ve boarded their pets and whether they were satisfied. You will be able to obtain first hand information on how their pets behaved while they were boarding and how the staff treated them. 

Once you have selected a few facilities it is recommended that you plan a visit prior to boarding. See if the facility and the staff meet your expectations. Check the cages and note: are they clean, is the temperature comfortable and do the pets have easy access to food and water? In addition, is there a separate area for felines and canines? 

The most important thing for your pet while he is boarding is the amount of attention he receives. Ask questions about how much time the animal is walked or played with, how often he is fed, what happens if he gets sick and whether there are any additional services available to make his stay more enjoyable. Also ask if you are able to bring any of your pet’s personal belongings. 

When making a boarding reservation be sure to ask how you will be charged. There may be additional costs for walks, food, medication administration, and baths. Also be sure to know the facility’s drop off and pick up hours. Some facilities may charge an additional fee if the animal is not picked up by the time agreed upon. 

Most boarding facilities will require that your pet is up to date on his vaccinations and that you provide proof of his vaccinations. Most facilities require rabies and the bordatella vaccination two weeks prior to boarding. 

Taking the time to do some prior investigation work should allow you to feel comfortable leaving your pet. 

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic has a boarding facility, Quakertown Boarding and Grooming 

Our facility houses over 75 small animals with separate areas for canines and felines. Luxury suites are also available. All canine guests are walked four times a day and receive a complimentary bath with a minimum two night stay. Veterinary care is also available 24 hours a day.

To learn more about our boarding facility please call 215-536-9678 to schedule a tour.  Click here for further information on our boarding facility.

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