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Clinical Trials


Dr. Geller and the Clinical Trials Department at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic have proudly been participating in FDA clinical trials for over 10 years.   See below for current clinical trials (click here).

Our staff, along with our clients and their pets have helped get numerous medications, vaccinations and various foods approved -- many are items we use daily here!

We participate in the final phase of clinical trials - everything has been proven safe by the time it reaches us.  The final phase is the administering of the drug to real patients.      

Most trials offer free exams, bloodwork and medications.  In exchange, owners who participate are expected to bring their pet in for re-checks at specified times and may be asked to fill out an owner logbook.

It is very rewarding to know you were involved in the process of drug approval, which can help improve the quality of life for all animals.

For more information on our current trials, please call us at 215-536-6245 and ask to speak to the Clinical Trials Department.  


Disclaimer: Please be aware clinical trials may start or stop suddenly and may no longer be available at this time.  We try our best to update our website in a timely manner and apologize for any inconvenience.  Please contact the Clinical Trials Department with any questions 215-536-6245.


Quakertown Veterinary Clinic’s Clinical Trial Department is currently seeking patients to participate in the following clinical trials.

                 • Canine Chronic Colitis           
                 • Canine Flea           
                 • Canine KCS (Dry Eye)           
                 • Canine Seasonal Allergies           
                 • Canine Allergic Dermatitis (hot spots, skin infections)           
                 • Canine Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis           
                 • Canine Hypothyroidism           
                 • Canine Itchy Ears           
                 • Canine Diabetes          
                 • Feline Chronic Kidney Disease with Weight Loss            
                 • Feline Renal Disease             
                 • Feline Diabetes             
                 • Feline Constipation             
                 • Feline Anemia associated with Kidney Disease             
                 • Equine Inhaler for RAO and/or SPAOPD             



  For more information and to determine if your pet qualifies to participate in one of these studies, please call us at 215-536-6245 and ask to speak with the Clinical Trials Department.


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